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Blake Manor nursing home is not just a state of the art care facility, it is also of major historical importance.

We respectfully restored Cloughballymore House to its former grandeur in 2008 and renamed it Blake Manor in 2013 in memory of the historical Blake family who once lived here.
The demesne comprises a medieval castle (Cloughballymore Castle) and Georgian Mansion. Records show Cloughballymore Castle was owned by the Kilkelly family in 1585. The Georgian Mansion was built by Marcus Lynch in mid-1700’s, whose daughter Ann Lynch married Maurice Blake of Ballinaflad Co. Mayo in 1815. Their youngest son Llewellyn Blake inherited Cloughballymore. He served as magistrate for the county and was High Sherriff of Galway in 1886.

He was listed as the owner of Cloughballymore estate comprising 5,000 acres in 1892. Llewellyn Blake left the Mansion to The Society of African Missions for use as a seminary. Llewellyn Blake died in 1916. Cloughballymore House was extended considerably in the 1930’s and used as a seminary until the 1950’s when it was sold and operated as a hotel, Cloughballymore Golf and Country Club.

We invite all to come and see it for yourselves.