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Blake Manor nursing home and what makes us special.

Welcome to the only nursing home in Galway that offers independence, friendship and security, amidst tranquil and lush settings in the heart of the west of Ireland.

Blake Manor nursing home, formerly St. Columba’s nursing home, is an exclusive state of the art residence that offers long term, respite, convalescent and daycare for the elderly in beautiful and homely surroundings.

We are a family run nursing home operating since 1981. As we live within the grounds of the nursing home, this allows us to ensure that all residents are happy and that all their needs are catered for.

We cater for

  • Convalescent Care
  • Post Operative / Post Surgical Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Short Term Respite Care
  • Day / Weekend Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Rehabilitation

What makes us different?

  • We provide a welcome and homely atmosphere that people can feel at home in.
  • We listen, we hear, we act when our clients talk to us.
  • Our facilities are designed for comfort and space, not capacity.

Blake Manor nursing home is not like any other nursing home you will visit in Galway.

Living in Blake Manor is not just for people that are ill. We provide the best of both worlds – residents maintain independence and privacy but you also have the safety and reassurance of having highly skilled nursing and care staff available at all times.

We invite all to come and see it for yourselves.